About us


Rod Coombes MGoDT           

Rod runs Hrolla Dog Training and is a Master Trainer with The Guild of the Dog Trainers, he has owned and trained many dogs over a 40 year period from Terriers to Great Danes.

At Present Rod has two German Shorthaired Pointers and has a lot of experience with HPR’s training them for competing in tests, trials, shooting or just well behaved pets.

In addition to general dog obedience Rod also specialises in training dogs and owners to enjoy the countryside safely, using various training techniques to help people gain control of their dogs around livestock, game and wildlife.

He has a 10 acre purpose built secure training facility and also keeps sheep for training steadiness around. He has appeared on BBC television discussing sheep worrying and demonstrating how dogs can be trained to be steady around livestock, also various local radio and press interviews.

Over the years he has found that each dog is different and no one training method works, using a calm, quiet, firm but fair approach to training and by assessing each dog and owner individually adapts his methods and techniques to suit.

Rod believes that it takes a well informed owner to produce a well trained and happy dog and his training is geared as much towards the handling skills of the owner as it is the training of the dog.

Rod also offers behavioural consultations and advice, training and behaviour often go hand in hand and to be a successful trainer you have to be able to identify and deal with behavioural problems.