My 20 month old Springer (Bert) and I have been working with Rod for around 6 weeks. Over this short time I’ve realised how little I know and understand my dog and why he is frequently confused and disobedient. I have also realised that dog training is not really dog training at all, it is owner training! I’ve been enormously grateful to Rod for his patience, wisdom and sense of humour. It is such a pleasure to work with a trainer who respects and empathises with dogs as much as Rod does. Both Bert and I have appreciated his calm assertive manner and intelligent approach. I would recommend Rod unreservedly.

Elaine Morten

 We were fortunate to get our Hungarian Vizsla puppy Zola from a good working line. Although we originally only wanted a pet dog suited to our outdoor interests we soon realised she had the potential to do more and thought we owed it to her to give her a chance to test her gundog working ability. Being our first dog we didn’t know where to start and following puppy training, we joined Rod Coombes for HPR gundog training. Rod uses positive training methods that have rewarded the right behaviours and helped us make good progress. We now have a happy dog that is keen to please and she really enjoys her ‘work’. I’ve learned it’s not just dog training it’s handler too and Rod is great at observing us both together and coming up with approaches to situations to enable us both to be successful. The training has been tailored to our aspirations and we have been competing in Working Tests with good results and in a recent Spring Pointing test was one of only two dogs graded ‘Good’. Rod shows real interest in our progress and we are very grateful for what he has helped us achieve and the rewarding relationship we now have with Zola. There’s still more potential for both of us and Rod will help us find it.

Mike Messanger

Rod I have to tell you what a brilliant dog Enzo has been. We took him to the Cotswold show at the weekend and he was fab. He did not bark any more than the average dog and seemed to relax even having a go at the scurry and the agility course with my son.  Never thought we would get to this kind of place with him but I guess it must be a combination of the change of diet and training that has made him chill out!   Anyway I just wanted to say thank you for all your input as we couldn’t have got this far without your help.   And of course we didn’t get far without people stopping us all the time to stroke him. 

Helen & Enzo