We offer an excellent range of dog training, puppy to adult both on a one to one basis or in groups, using positive training for a well behaved dog to be proud of. 

Countryside course, giving you confidence to enjoy the countryside with your dog.

Problems solved such as recall, livestock chasing and behavioural issues. 

Sheep Worrying, we keep our own sheep in the steadying paddock specifically for training dogs steadiness around livestock, and can deal with chase problems.

Gun dog training for competition, shooting or just fun. The arable field and steadying paddock are ideal for gun dog training with plenty of distractions and different situations.

Group classes include:

  • Puppy socialisation/training,
  • Junior group, 
  • Obedience group,
  • Gun dog groups.

 We are able to offer the best option for owner and dog whatever the breed or problem.

 All of the training takes place out side in real life situations.